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Why Use a Staffing Company

There are many reasons why companies choose to work with staffing agencies. Here are some of the major benefits of using agency staffing for your business.

  • It saves time — Finding the right people for your open permanent positions can take a long time, particularly if these roles require a specific set of unique or rare skills. When you’re working with a staffing agency, you can shorten the amount of time it takes to find the people you need.
  • It gives you easy access to qualified candidates — Your company doesn’t have to worry about how to hire employees that fit your set criteria. This is because most staffing agencies already have a roster of qualified individuals with the skills you need. The staffing agency will also conduct the initial interviews and vetting process, after which they will send you the list of possible candidates for the post.
  • It saves money — Using a staffing agency can save your company money on things like pre-employment testing and background checks. With an agency, you can reduce your cost per hire. You also don’t need to hire a recruiter to conduct interviews or screen candidates. The workers that staffing agencies recommend to your business are already pre-qualified, vetted and even onboarded.
  • It increases your reach — Another benefit you get when you hire a dependable staffing agency is the expanded reach you have. Since agencies are focused on vetting people and pooling candidates for various positions, they already have lots of quality options to choose from. The agency can contact headhunters and other recruiters to locate the people you need if they don’t have enough candidates for you on their lists.

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